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Exquisite Family Dining!

Right in your home, with an experienced chef!

"The Cultured Table Personal Chef Service" is for busy working families, couples or individuals who want home cooked dinners. This service is for discerning individuals wanting meals prepared with fresh ingredients in their own home. Delicious vegetarian and vegan entrees are also offered. Gain control over what you are eating. Make better choices and with my help bring the family back to the table! This service provides the opportunity to try foods from different cultures as well as making your favorites. Enjoy fine dining without the cost of going out.

What does a personal chef do?

This first visit would be a consultation to determine what kind of foods your family or household likes and then come up with some menus. Present them and work out a schedule of meals. Most likely these would be dinners for busy families and individuals. These would be complete in their preparation to be heated prior to serving.-- A perfect solution for busy people that want to relax at home with a delicious meal. This would save time , gas and no tipping -after a long day at work what a reward to have dinner ready in minutes!

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The Cultured Table Bistro in Elsah, Illinois

Come enjoy fine scones, the ever so popular sticky toffee buns or come and enjoy some coffee and just relax or spend time with friends and family.

Thursdays - Saturdays: 8am - 4pm
Sunday: 9am - 4pm

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News and Information!

  • New Bistro Opening and Hours

    Thursdays - Saturdays: 11am - 7pm
    Sunday: 10:30am - 6pm

    Dinner at The Cultured Table is done by reservation only.
    At least one week's notice is required for a dinner reservation.

  • The Cultured Table Bistro says...

    Our menu today 9/27- Delicious quiches: Mushroom and Blue, Spinach and Feta Soups: Tuscan Bean, Romainian Spinach, Tomato Bisque Paninis: Turkey Swiss, Ham and Cheddar and Kielbasa Fuji. Fresh baked pie and brownies and cookie bars.

    27 Sep 2014
  • The Cultured Table Bistro says...

    On 9/26 at The Cultured Table Bistro : Quiches: Spinach and Feta, Quiche Lorraine, Broccoli Gorgonzola and Mushroom Swiss. Paninis: Ham and Cheddar, Turkey and Swiss, 3 Cheese, and our new fall Kielbasa and Fuji Apple- such a wonderful combo. Soups: Tuscan Bean, Romainian Spinach and Tomato Bisque. Fresh baked pie, brownies and cookie bars.

    26 Sep 2014
  • The Cultured Table Bistro says...

    Our menu for today- 9/25 Quiches: Spinach and Feta and Mushroom Swiss Soups: Tuscan Bean, Tomato Bisque and Romainian Spinach Paninis: turkey and Swill, Ham and Cheddar and a NEW Fall Panini-Keilbasa Apple and Swiss- Yum! try it!

    25 Sep 2014
  • The Cultured Table Bistro says...

    Quiches- Soups-Paninis Fresh Baked goods including Blackberry Pie and organic Banana muffins, Rocky Road Brownie bites and Cookie Bars!

    21 Sep 2014
  • The Cultured Table Bistro says...

    Tomorrow 9/20 at The Cultured Table- Quiches: Asparagus Bacon ,Roasted Tomato Chevre and Spinach Asiago Soups: Tomato Bisque,Romanian Spinach and Creamy Potato - Paninis hot off the press- Fresh baked goods- and fresh coffee-iced tea -hot tea

    19 Sep 2014
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